Bibles soon to be illegal in Canada…

Our Canadian brothers have recently passed a bill that outlaws hate speech against homosexuals. The only problem is the wording that is used. It is so broad that the reading of the various passages in Scripture that condemn homosexuality would be called hate speech. Saying that homosexual BEHAVIOR, not the person, is disordered or unnatural would be hate speech. Not falling down at the alter of gay “marriage” would also likely get you thrown in jail.

Look, I have no problem with the love the sinner, hate the sin approach. If you believe that God’s Word is Truth, with a capital T, then you have to come out against the behavior. Especially the promotion of it in our schools and as a totally equal, if not better, “lifestyle” to married heterosexual couples. My problem begins and ends with the attempts to make the 98% or so who are NOT homosexuals accept and celebrate it as if that were the norm.

Think about shows like Will and Grace and others that have gay characters on TV… Heck, do any shows NOT have gay characters anymore? There seems to be a major push to make sure that this lifestyle be presented in as raunchy a way so as to desensitize us when seeing it while getting us used to seeing it all the time. But if the 2% figure (give or take a point) is correct, only 1 in 50 people you have ever met is actually gay. Not the 10% reported by Kinsey in his patently flawed and made up studies.

Anyway, these moves by the Canadians will mean that you can no longer hold or express a disapproval of the behavior, never mind the person. That is extremely chilling. Why is it hate speech? Is it because liberals cannot disapprove of what we do in Church or in our lives without hating us? Is it that they cannot imagine that disapproval of something or someone doesn’t involve hating them? Looking at the way conservatives and devoutly religious people, and I don’t mean John Kerry, are spat upon by the left, I guess I have my answer.

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