Back to Two Hands

Back to two hands… Six weeks ago today I had surgery on my right ring finger to set a fractured bone at the very tip and to reattach the tendon at that point. Had my hand in a cast for all that time since and got the cast and the final suture (down through the nail, around the bone, back out the nail and tied off) removed. My right hand is my dominant hand and I’ve had no (OK, a little… I cheated now and then) use of it for six weeks.

Ever tried to use your non-dominant hand and ONLY that hand to brush your teeth?


Tie your shoes?

Put on pants?

Take pants off?



OK. I know it sounds like I am whining. Not intended. After all I got the use of it back. It was just kind of eye opening how much you don’t use the non-dominant hand you you are forced to use it as the dominant. Everything was backwards and weird.

My hand is stiff and sore. And I have a ton of new therapy exercises. Yay. At least I can type again. Maybe I can blog if I can get my brain unstuck.

We’ll see.

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