Angelus A Reminder of Mary’s “Yes”

Via ZENIT – Angelus Seen as Reminder of Mary’s “Yes”.

Pope Benedict XVI

… noted that today’s Gospel is Luke’s account of the Annunciation, “the mystery to which we return every day in reciting the Angelus.”

“This prayer allows us to relive the decisive moment when God knocked at Mary’s heart and, having received her ‘yes,’ began to take flesh in her and from her,” The Pontiff said.

See, this is why I love Pope Benedict so much. He can, in so few words, point us to why we believe what we believe as Catholics. Look at the beauty of that one small quote. This is also the first Glorious Mystery of the Rosary of course, and he has just shown us how everything points back to Jesus.

Every time I read anything Benedict has written, I feel like I need to pause, re-read and savor the moment. Not because I don’t understand it, but more because his writing is so packed with insight.

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