It is now O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L. We are accepted into the Deacon Aspirancy Class of 2012.

We met with Archbishop Kurtz yesterday afternoon for a little less than 45 minutes total. He is an extremely gracious and engaging man. We truly enjoyed our talk with him. For some reason he didn’t have our packet with all the information on what steps we had completed, results, etc. So we just spent some time telling him about ourselves and our family. We segued into marriage and family issues and NFP and living out our faith daily. It was a fascinating talk.

Archbishop Kurtz is on two committees dealing with marriage and family/life issues and he is quite passionate about these subjects. We seemed to really connect while talking about these issues. He saw our own passion for these things and told us he could easily see our ministry taking place in these areas.

Surprisingly we didn’t really talk about things like why I wanted to be a deacon or what I expected to get out of it or put into it. I presume he puts his trust in the process that we have been vetted pretty well so far. I think he got a pretty good sense of us in the time we spent with him. As did we of him.

So, now we begin our first year, the aspirancy year, of the diaconate formation process. Four years of classes and studying. God willing, I will be ordained to the Diaconate in August 2012.


  1. TNP

    I was eating my dinner while browsing the blogs at work – at the Diocese of Knoxville Chancery – and stumbled upon yours. How surprised I was to see your post on Archbishop Kurtz! We miss him terribly here in Knoxville and continue to pray for him every day. You’ll do well under his guidance and leadership. He’s the best.

    Please pray for us to receive our new bishop – soon.


  2. Fric

    TNP, I will pray that you receive another good Bishop soon. We were very concerned about who we might get here and so far everyone I have talked to has been very pleased with Archbishop Kurtz. He has been a joy to be around and is already having an impact on our vocations in Louisville. We are very excited about the future here.

  3. Ernie Pagliaro

    Congratulations! It seems like just yesterday when I heard the same news. Now five years later I am finishing up Homiletics II, then some Canon Law and Practicum on how to use all that we learned. Ordination date is set JUne 5, 2010. I will be praying for you!

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