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What Does It Mean to Impose One’s Beliefs On Another?

Author: | July 17th, 2014 | Category : Abortion, Health and Welfare, Life Issues, Politics

OK. I realize that I am coing to the Hobby Lobby discussion a little late. Still, I wanted to weigh in and finally found the time. Those that side with Hobby Lobby, and yes I am one of them, say that the Supreme Court’s decision was correct because the government was interfering in the owner’s religious rights by forcing them to pay for abortifacient forms of birth control. This would … Read more »

Anointing of the Sick

Author: | June 22nd, 2012 | Category : Annointing of the Sick, Diaconate, Sacraments

Great article at the Homiletic and Pastoral Review website about it. This is about the over use and abuse of the sacrament, but it also explains perfectly why Deacons ought not to be able to do this sacrament as I have heard many suggest, both in class and on teh interwebz, as the Gormogons might say. There has been some discussion in some circles that due to many deacons doing … Read more »

Less Than 100 Days

Author: | May 21st, 2012 | Category : Diaconate

That’s how much time until my Diaconal ordination into the Permanent Diaconate. Seems like just last year that my class got together for the first time. I still can’t believe they let me in, much less let me get this far! In these last four years, I have gained new brothers and sisters in my fellow candidates and their wives. We are a terribly close-knit group and already are making … Read more »

Murkowski – Canon 915 Candidate?

Author: | March 19th, 2012 | Category : Abortion, Catholic Life, Church Teaching, Dissent, Life Issues, Politics

According to this article, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) – AK, has openly stated that she regrets her vote for conscience protection regarding the HHS mandate and would not vote so again. She stated that the best way to prevent abortion was to reduce unwanted pregnancies, which is best done through contraception according to her. When reminded that her church, the Catholic Church, is against contraception, she openly admitted she knows … Read more »

Logos Bible Software

Author: | November 24th, 2011 | Category : Logos, Scripture

Many of you have probably already heard of Logos and what a wonderful tool it is for study, research and learning. They have a couple of  awesome Catholic packages that are truly the best I have seen in Biblical studies. Yeah it’s a little pricey for casual studies, but they also now have payment plans that let you stretch the payments out up to a year. Check it out and … Read more »

Enjoying My New Toy

Author: | February 13th, 2011 | Category : Tech Nerd Stuff

OK. I indulged somewhat, but I am really enjoying the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 that I picked up through AT&T with the data plan. It has the benefits of being about as portable as an iPad or other tablet, but with a full blown version of Windows 7, a really sharp screen, 250GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. Plus the benefits of Wireless-N or 3G internet access. Overall, I … Read more »

HOMILY – Behold The Lamb Of God

Author: | January 17th, 2011 | Category : Homiletics

This is my homily from this past week and I publish it here today specifically because I was asked by a parishoner – “Where can I get a copy?” Okay – point taken Holy Spirit – I will be more judicious in posting these in the future. (Yeah, I know I’ve said it before but as we Catholics know, it’s always a good day to repent.) Comment is always inivited. … Read more »

HOMILY – Christmas Eve (Vigil Mass) 2010 – The Church As Family

Author: | January 17th, 2011 | Category : Diaconate, Homiletics

Okay – I’ve been away for some time – apologies for that. I’m going to post this homily – and try and post mine on a more regular basis now (once you get to far behind it’s tough to try and catch up. Easiest thing to do is make a resolution to do better, and pick a new begninning point.) My wife is very sparse with her comments and compliments … Read more »

Man Returns to Church After 80 YEARS

Author: | August 18th, 2010 | Category : Sex Scandal

Finally, a good story from the local newspaper. Normally don’t touch the rag. He was abused in 1929. His mother, a non-Catholic believed him and pulled him from the Catholic school. His father and his family who were good friends with the priest in question, did not believe him. It tore apart his family and that’s what saddens this man the most. This is a wonderful story to read. This … Read more »